Configure report settings

The report settings tab allows you to select the frequency with which you receive reports and the report format.

To access the report settings sub-tab:

  1. Click on the Reports tab.
  2. If you have multiple reports, choose your report from the reports list on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click on the Settings sub-tab. The following page is displayed:

To change the report name and description:

  • Edit the "Name" and "Description" fields, then click the "Save Settings" button.

Modify new service behavior:

  • When you add new monitoring services to your account (or accept monitoring services shares via Ecosystem Management), they will be added to reports automatically if "Automatically add new services to this report" is checked. If this option is not selected, you will need to add new services to reports manually via the "Layout" sub-tab.

To change the report frequency:

  1. Check or un-check the box next to Daily, Weekly, and Monthly to choose which reports you would like to receive.
    • To stop receiving reports altogether, un-check all three boxes. You can still generate reports from the Web Console by following the directions in Generate_reports.

To change the report format:

  1. Select the radio button next to HTML/PNG, HTML/FLASH, HTML/GIF, or PDF Attachment to select how you would like the report to be formatted.
    • By default, HTML/PNG is selected.
  2. Optionally, you can check the box next to "Only email a link to the report" to receive a short email with a link to access the report on the web.
    • If this is not checked, the report appears inline in the email.
    • This option only applies to the three HTML report formats

To change recipients of your report:

  1. Check the selection boxes next to "Primary account contact" and "Secondary account contact" to designate these contacts as report recipients.
  2. To add additional contacts, follow the link to "Ecosystem -> Report Sharing".

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