Customize the content of a report

You can choose the services you want to include in your report as well as specify the order in which those services appear. For each service, you can also define custom graphing templates.

To define a custom template for a service

  1. Follow the directions in Generate_graphs to load the Graphing tab for the service for which you would like to create a custom template.
  2. Select the your graphs and options.
  3. Scroll to Graphing Templates section.
  4. Enter a template name and click Save Template As.
  5. Confirm that the template name appears in the Graphing Templates list.
  6. Click to delete a template. You can overwrite an existing template by defining new options and saving those options using the same name as an existing template.
  7. You can add your new custom template to your report(s) by following the Reports -> Layout link.
    To create custom reports for all services in your account, open the Services tab and create your custom report in the Global Graphing sub-tab, or click Graph multiple services in the Generate a Graph section.

To use a custom template in a report

  1. Open the Reports tab.
  2. Open the Layout sub-tab.
  3. In the Step 1. Select a service list, select a service.
  4. A list of available templates are displayed in Step 2. Select a template. Select the custom template you would like to apply from this list, and then click Add Template to add the template to the report layout.
If you do not have any custom templates defined for the service, then only the default template will appear in this list.
  1. The custom template will appear at the bottom of the Your Report Layout list. Use the arrow buttons to move the templates around to arrange them in the order you would like. Click to delete any unwanted templates (such as the Default template for a service once you have defined a custom template).
  2. You may optionally add the Executive Summary multigraph. This report appears at the top of the Your report layout and cannot be moved. The image below shows the Executive Summary information highlighted in red.
  3. Click Save Layout to save your changes once you are finished customizing your report.
  4. Run a report as described in Generate_reports to test your settings.

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