Dynamically test your site with an Instacheck

The Instacheck utility:

  • tests your site and application without saving the results to the service's log files
  • verifies updated settings
  • provides a performance snapshot
To run an Instacheck:
  1. Click the service name in either the Dashboard or Services tab.
  2. Click the Diagnose tab to open the Diagnose Utilities menu.
  3. Click Instacheck.
  4. Select up to four Location check boxes.
  5. Optionally select the Detail View check box to view detailed information (see the second example in step 7).
  6. Click Insta-check. Depending on your browser, a new window or tab appears.
  7. In a few minutes (depending on the type of service, site responsiveness, and service settings), you will see a result similar to the following:

    Here is an abbreviated sample of the results with the Detail View check box selected:
  8. Instacheck displays any errors. For example, if you misspelled a keyword in your service settings, you would see something similar to the following and could correct the error before the next monitoring sample and eliminate a false error:

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