Evaluate the performance of individual items on a page (Fullpage services only)

Fullpage services gather information about the load time of individual page objects and allow you to view the performance of these objects. There are a number of ways to view this information.

Log Files

Viewing individual monitoring samples from a service's log files allows you to see performance for each item on a sample-by-sample basis over time. Logs can be expanded while viewing in the web browser to display the fullpage items downloaded for each page.

To view fullpage items in a service's log files:

  1. Follow the directions in Access_log_files to load the log files for your service (in summary, click the service name in the Dashboard or Services tab and open the Logs sub-tab).
  2. Each entry briefly describes the monitoring sample. Click Show Full Log Entries to expand the samples and show the individual items on each page.
  3. Click to generate a Fullpage Breakdown for an entry.
  4. Click to generate a downloadable Excel file.
  5. Click to add a note about the entry.
  6. Click to generate a detailed error trace in a new window.

Please see Access_log_files for more information about different viewing options for your log files.

Fullpage Breakdown

Another way to view the performance of page objects is to look at a fullpage breakdown for a particular page. Fullpage breakdowns can be generated from monitoring samples or from a dynamically captured sample. The breakdown is displayed in both a table and a graphical format, making it easy to compare the performance of individual items. An abbreviated sample graph appears below. Please see Generate_a_Fullpage_breakdown and Interpret_a_Fullpage_breakdown for more information.


Yet another method of understanding individual items' performance is to run an Instacheck. This utility allows provides you with a dynamically captured sample measuring current performance. The results are similar to a regular monitoring sample, but are not saved in your log files. For more information about Instachecks, please see Dynamically_test_your_site_with_an_Instacheck.

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