Filter unwanted samples from graphs or reports

Occasionally, it may become necessary to prevent one or more samples from appearing in graphs and reports, and in the Dashboard statistics. This might be because the site underwent scheduled maintenance and a maintenance window was not set up ahead of time, or the site was updated while the success keyword or monitoring script was updated some time after that.

To filter unwanted samples:

  1. Follow the instructions in Access_log_files to bring up the log files for the day(s) affected.
  2. Next to each sample is a check box. Click the check box for each sample you want to filter. There are Select All and None links at the bottom of the page for working with large selections.

  3. At the bottom of the page, click on the Filter Selected Entries button. You may then close the logs window.
  4. Run a graph or report to verify that the samples do not appear.

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