Grouping and Nesting Performance Information


To keep related services together or to organize services by their function, it is useful to create one or more service groups. Use our intuitive drag and drop user interface to customize how services are displayed on your Dashboard and the Services window.

To access the drag and drop user interface

  1. From your dashboard, click the lower right link titled "Organize Services" to load the drag and drop user interface.

Drag and Drop Interface Overview

The drag and drop interface consists of two main lists of services. The list of services on the right reflects your current dashboard configuration.

The list of services on the left contains a list of all the services available to your account whether they are displayed on your dashboard or not.

To filter the list of all available services:

  1. Click on the "Filter Services" text box on the top right of the screen.

  2. Type in a keyword to filter by. The desired keyword will be checked against service names, service descriptions, service types, as well as the usernames of people who have shared monitoring service with you. In the example below, the top service has the keyword "transaction" in its description, whereas the bottom two services have the keyword in their service type.

To add services to your dashboard

  1. Hover your cursor over the list on the left and drag the desired service to the list on the right.

  2. Position the service in the appropriate spot on the list on the right. A placeholder will show the location of the new service.

  3. Once the service is properly positioned, simply drop it in place.
  4. Click the "Back to Dashboard" link to view your results once you are finished organizing services.

To re-order services on your dashboard

  1. Simply drag and drop the services to their desired positions

To group services on your dashboard

  1. Click the "Add New Service Group" link on the top right

  2. Enter the required information and click "OK"

  3. The service group will be added to the bottom of the list

  4. Drag the group to its desired position.
  5. Drag and drop the desired services into the newly created group.

To remove services from your dashboard

  1. Hover over the service you wish to remove and click on the red "X"

  2. Note that services you own must be displayed on your dashboard at least once. Shared services may be removed from your dashboard completely.

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