How do other users share performance information with me?

In order for other users to share performance information with you, they need to know your Webmetrics username or email address. Once they have that information, they can follow the procedure outlined on the How_do_I_share_services_with_other_users help page.

How do I accept once performance information has been shared with me?

For performance information shared directly to your Webmetrics account:

  1. Log in to your Webmetrics account.
  2. From the top of the web console, click on the "Ecosystem" tab. The "Service Sharing" subtab will be selected by default.
  3. Under the "Receiving From" list, users who have initiated new shares to you will be labeled "(New)". Select the new partner from whom you'd like to receive shared services.
  4. In the following screen, you will see the monitoring services being shared with you. Once you've reviewed them, click "Accept".
  5. The monitoring services are now shared with you and have been added to:
    • your dashboard
    • reports set to auto-add services.

For performance information shared to your email address:

  1. From the share invitation email, click the link where it reads, "In order to accept their invitation and view this performance monitoring data, click here."
  2. You will be taken to the landing page that confirms the monitoring services being shared. Verify these are the monitoring services to which you'd like to have access.
  3. Use the desired option on the landing page to associate the shared monitoring services with an existing Webmetrics account or create a new free account.
  4. Once you've logged into your existing account or newly-created free account, you will see a confirmation message indicating your acceptance of the shared monitoring services.
  5. At this point, the monitoring services are shared with you and have been added to:
    • your dashboard
    • reports set to auto-add services.

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