Modify a person's account access

If someone is leaving the company or is changing job functions, it may be necessary to modify that person's access to the account, adjust alert and reporting contacts, and update or remove his or her contact information so the account remains up to date with the most recent contacts.

The following are a brief list of things that may need to be updated or changed:

  1. Update the passwords for any logins the person should no longer have access to. Please see Change_password.
  2. Remove their email address from the list of alert contacts. Please see About_alerts.
  3. Remove their email address from the list of report contacts. Please see Modify_who_receives_reports.
  4. Update the account contact information if it will be changing. Please see Update_contact_information.
  5. You may wish to contact your sales representative to notify them as well. If you do not know who your sales representative is, please dial 877-524-8299 x1 or email and someone will assist you.

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