Planning for site updates

Changes to a web site or application can potentially affect monitoring services, causing failed samples and/or false alerts. This is particularly true of Application Monitoring services, which execute a series of steps and verify the success of these steps based on known criteria of the site. If any of these criteria change as the result of an update, the monitoring script could break. If you know ahead of time that your site will be updated, there are a few things you can do to ensure your monitoring services are affected as little as possible. Taking any of the following actions should be beneficial.

Before any changes are made:

  1. Determine the scope of the changes: Do they affect the way data is submitted? Will the text or title of a page change? Are features or pages being added or removed?
  2. Determine the monitoring services in your account that will be affected and how each one might need to be updated.
  3. Set up maintenance windows for each affected service for the time when the update will take place. This will prevent alerts from being sent out and false errors from being recorded due to broken scripts or outdated settings.
    • Set the maintenance window long enough to allow the service to be fixed once the update is made. If you wish, you can configure a maintenance window to "Monitor but do not alert" so that the service will still collect samples, but if the service fails it will not alert anyone.
  4. Notify ahead of time if you know the change will require a script update, particularly if a large number of services will be affected. This will allow our support team to create a support case for you and ask any questions they may have beforehand. Include as much information as you can in your email. For example:
    • When the update will take place.
    • A brief description of the changes that will need to be made to each affected service.
    • If there is a staging environment our support team can access to allow them to prepare any script changes ahead of time.

After the changes go live:

  1. If you are receiving alerts, you can set up a maintenance window for each affected service.
  2. For many GlobalWatch services, you can perform updates yourself, allowing you to quickly resolve potential issues.
  3. Contact our support team at or 877-524-8299 x2 if you would like assistance with a script or settings update, are unsure how to proceed, or have any questions.

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