Reset a service

If you wish to re-purpose a service to change what it monitors, you can reset the service by opening the service's Settings tab of the Web Console and clicking Reset Service. Warning: This will remove all data collected for this service. This is not reversible. The following items will be cleared:

  • historical log data
  • uptime information
  • service description
  • URL(s)
  • script(s)
  • search and error strings

You can optionally keep monitoring URL(s) and scripts, the service description, and/or historical log data by selecting the corresponding check boxes.

Contact information for alerting purposes (alert contacts as well as error notification settings), monitoring agent locations, maintenance windows, performance SLA objectives, interval and strikes before error are unaffected.

The service will be turned off once reset. You can also rename the service if desired.

This does not apply to metered billing accounts. To monitor something new using a metered billing account, simply create a new service and then delete the old one if it is no longer needed.

Remove a service

Metered billing accounts have the ability to entirely remove services from their account. You may do so by navigating to the settings tab of the service you wish to remove and click on 'Delete Service'.

If you do not have a metered billing account, you will need to work with your Webmetrics sales representative to remove the service, as this cannot be accomplished from the Web Console. If you do not know who your sales representative is, please call the sales line at 877-524-8299 x1 and someone will be able to assist you.

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