Understand the performance of my site from particular cities

The Webmetrics GlobalWatch network allows you to choose monitoring agents from many different worldwide locations. This, in turn, allows you to contrast the performance of your site from different areas, which is particularly useful if your users are accessing the site from several distinct geographic areas.

Graph Types

Several of the graph types provide location-specific performance metrics. As described in Generate_graphs, access the Graphing tab for a service. Look at the graphing types under the Cities (Agents) heading:

  • Load Time - City by City (Average): plots the day's performance in a line graph averaged hour-by-hour. You can graph up to three cities on the same graph. For Application Monitoring services, you can choose to graph the whole transaction or just one page. If an SLA is specified for the service it will appear as a solid black horizontal line on the graph.
  • Load Time - City by City (Scatter): plots individual monitoring samples from up to four agents in a scatter plot. This allows you to quickly identify the average load time for each city and view any outlying data points. Mousing over any data point provides information on what agent the sample was taken from, when it was taken, and the load time associated with that sample. As with the City by City average, for Application Monitoring services, you can choose to graph the whole transaction or just one page.
  • Uptime & Average Load Time - All Cities: graphs the average performance for each enabled monitoring agent in order from longest load time to shortest load time. The graph also includes any errors or strikes during the time period.

Diagnose Tab

With the exception of Test Alert, the utilities on the Diagnose tab allow you to check performance on a city-by-city basis.

  • Traceroute lets you perform a trace from up to four of the Webmetrics GlobalWatch agents to a site of your choosing, to help detect connectivity issues. See Run_a_traceroute_from_a_Webmetrics_agent_to_a_site for more information.
  • Instacheck lets you take a dynamic sample from up to four agents, providing instant information on the status of your site or application at any given time, without waiting for the next monitoring sample to be taken. See Dynamically_test_your_site_with_an_Instacheck for more information.
  • Fullpage Breakdown graphs the time to download individual page objects, helping you to diagnose issues with specific page items and giving you a general idea of how your site is loaded. See Generate_a_Fullpage_breakdown and Interpret_a_Fullpage_breakdown for more information.

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