What is Ecosystem Management?

Web Ecosystem Management is an evolutionary concept created to address a dramatic trend in performance management. The trend is that 'control' of web application performance is moving out of one's company's hands and now entrusted with key business partners & vendors. Ecosystem Management helps companies manage this complex trend.

Complexity Compounded

Web Ecosystems have become increasingly sophisticated and complex with more participants, more integration points and more points of failure. As service providers adopt Service Orientated Architectures (SOAs), these Ecosystems have become heavily dependent on real-time execution and integrated and effective deployment of IT infrastructure of each of the participants. Any performance malfunction, outage or failure can critically disrupt the delivery chain.

Do you collaborate with multiple vendors and partners to provide value to your customers?

Do you need to monitor the performance of multiple stakeholders and share that information with them?

If so, then you participate in an Ecosystem already. Ecosystem Management offers:

  • A transparent view between departments, business partners and customers
  • A method of collaborating and sharing information - jointly knowing when problems occur and what the effect on all parties is
  • A shorter time to resolve, for a better customer experience or reduced B2B transaction failures

Key topics

Explore the topics below to learn more about the key features of Ecosystem Management.


Video: Introduction to Ecosystem Management

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Video: How to Use Ecosystem Management

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